A new way to teach classic styles of forms and self defense is now in Bakersfield!

Basic Principles of the Month:

Focus of movements – Movements within Chayon-Ryu should have purpose. Practitioners of martial arts should always strive to understand the intentions of the movements they are taught. It is OK for students to “parrot” what they see as they learn a technique or form, but ultimately, they need to know what it is they are attempting to do. Is it a strike, a block, or a transition into something else? Once you understand the movement, remove elements that distract you from that outcome. Move with intent and with focus so that power and energy are also focused and not misdirected or wasted. 

Be calm, clear your mind – It is never easy to be calm and collected in the face of something dangerous. Imagine that your car has crashed into a lake. As the water pours in, you panic and forget the simple things like unlatching the seatbelt, and the fact that you have to wait for the car to fill up with water before you can easily open the door and escape. Sparring and self defense is like that. When we are attacked the body goes into a protection mode. Sometimes we “Fight” or sometimes we “Flight”. You need to maintain your cool in order to know which is the best approach. It is important to be calm. Needed energy will be wasted if you bounce around or have tension in your body prior to blocking or striking. Stay calm and clear your mind of everything not important NOW. You need every advantage you can get. So focus your mind on the problem, environment and possible enemies and then act. Trust your training to instinctively help. This is why it is important to train and train and practice for the time when it is needed.


Class Schedule:

Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 8 PM.  Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7 PM we hold advanced course study for blue belts and above.  Saturday classes run from 10:30 to noon.  Come check out a class and see if our family is right for you and yours!

Some important links:

Bakersfield Chayon-Ryu has partnered with the great folks at BAKERSFIELD FIT in order to bring you the best facility in Bakersfield for martial arts training.

Sabeom Michael Moore (pictured as a 2nd Dan) and the Bakersfield CYR school were briefly mentioned in the December 2009 edition of Totally Tae Kwon Do.  The article begins on page 45 and Mr. Moore's picture and mention are on page 47.

A couple of videos from Mr. Moore’s Yi Dan (2nd Dan) rank exam in Houston.


We are interested in accepting new students at this time. If you would like to make Chayon-Ryu a valuable resource for your life, please contact us.  Mr. Moore is also available to provide free women's self-defense seminars to any group of 10 or more individuals.  If you run a business or are a member of a church or organization and you would like information on this special class please call.  You can reach Mr. Moore or obtain information about Chayon-Ryu at: or by phone (661) 342-9758.

upcoming events

August - Violent Assault Training: Sudden/Unexpected
August 01, 2014

September - Violent Assault Training: Fast
September 01, 2014

Sep. 4 - HISTORICAL EVENT - 46th Anniversary Grand Opening Kim Soo Karate (white gloves encouraged)
September 04, 2014

Sep. 6 - Plain Clothes Training. Wear everyday clothing to class to simulate real world environment
September 06, 2014

October - Violent Assault Training: Close
October 01, 2014

Oct. 4 - Rank Exam (Demo at approximately 1130)
October 04, 2014

Oct. 6 - Plain Clothes Training. Wear some casual clothes to simulate real world environment.
October 06, 2014

Oct. 11 - Outdoor training and BBQ event. Come and train with us out at Riverwalk Park. Afterwards we'll have BBQ lunch.
October 11, 2014

November - Violent Assault Training: Hard
November 01, 2014

Nov. 5 - Plain Clothes Training. If it's cooler, wear a jacket and scarf. Is it easy to perform a jumping spinning back kick?
November 05, 2014

Nov. 27 - 30 - Thanksgiving Holiday. No classes scheduled
November 27, 2014

December - Violent Assault Training: Sudden/Unexpected
December 01, 2014

Dec. 4 - HISTORICAL EVENT - GM Kim Soo's Birthday 1938. White Gloves
December 04, 2014

Dec. 6 - Rank Exam - Testing will begin at approximately 10:30 and a demo will take place at approximately 11:30.
December 06, 2014

Dec. 15 - 20 Plain Clothes Training WEEK! All week come in your regular street clothes.
December 15, 2014

Dec. 21 - 28 CHRISTMAS BREAK (no classes are scheduled)
December 21, 2014

January - Violent Assault Training: Fast
January 01, 2015

Jan. 3 - Tuksoo Training for first class of the new year. We will sweat even if it's cold!
January 03, 2015

Jan. 5 - First official class of 2015. TRAINING IN THE DARK!
January 05, 2015


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