A new way to teach classic styles of forms and self defense is now in Bakersfield!

Basic Principles of the Month:

Proper breathing – Forms are technical by nature. They give the martial artist an opportunity to learn a technique and then practice it over and over again as they strive for perfection. Breathing during these movements is very important as well. Since some might consider forms a string of choreographed movements of meditation, we should be able to find opportunities to apply proper breathing to the movement being performed. Breathing gives your body oxygen, and as a result, energy. Ever do a form without breathing? Breathing also helps keep rhythm. Breathing can help focus power. Breathing can also help “meditate” or concentrate during a form. There are many different kinds of breathing in the forms that we do. Make sure you understand and practice this part of your training.  

Attack vital areas – Obviously this is not a basic principle that can be applied with full spirit during our class sparring practice. However, you can always attack vital points in your imaginary opponents! It is important to train with the idea that you will execute whatever technique allows you to escape danger the quickest; and that usually means a short, quick attack to a vital point. In Chayon-ryu students will learn about vital points and some of the most effective ways to take advantage of them in self-defense.


Class Schedule:

Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 8 PM.  Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7 PM we hold advanced course study for blue belts and above.  Saturday classes run from 10:30 to noon.  Come check out a class and see if our family is right for you and yours!

Some important links:

Bakersfield Chayon-Ryu has partnered with the great folks at BAKERSFIELD FIT in order to bring you the best facility in Bakersfield for martial arts training.

Sabeom Michael Moore (pictured as a 2nd Dan) and the Bakersfield CYR school were briefly mentioned in the December 2009 edition of Totally Tae Kwon Do.  The article begins on page 45 and Mr. Moore's picture and mention are on page 47.

A couple of videos from Mr. Moore’s Yi Dan (2nd Dan) rank exam in Houston.


We are interested in accepting new students at this time. If you would like to make Chayon-Ryu a valuable resource for your life, please contact us.  Mr. Moore is also available to provide free women's self-defense seminars to any group of 10 or more individuals.  If you run a business or are a member of a church or organization and you would like information on this special class please call.  You can reach Mr. Moore or obtain information about Chayon-Ryu at: or by phone (661) 342-9758.

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