A new way to teach classic styles of forms and self defense is now in Bakersfield!

Basic Principles of the Month:

Keep rhythm in movements - After first understanding the overall presentation of the form (usually based on the style of origin) be sure to use rhythm as you flow from one technique to the next. Your breathing is very important, and it will help guide your rhythm. Make sure you understand the technique and its rhythm. Early forms are fairly straight forward and usually employ a simple ONE – TWO rhythm. Later, more advanced forms, will sometimes use different rhythms such as OOOOONNNNNNNNEEEEE – TWO or OOOOONNNNNNNNEEEEE – TWO – THREE.

Act according to the situation - There are two parts to this principle. First, know the environment around you. If you see a stick nearby, use it! If there is a stone or your back-pack, use it as a weapon, to create chaos or “destabilize” your opponent. Second, understand your options and act quickly. For example, if you are faced with multiple attackers, take the initiative and attack the smallest or weakest of the group. You may be able to quickly change the numbers against you as well as scare the remaining opponents and, possibly, increase distance from the other attackers.


Class Schedule:

Classes are held every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Saturday classes run from 10:30 to noon.  Come check out a class and see if our family is right for you and yours!

Some important links:

Starting December 1st, Bakersfield Chayon-Ryu will be moving to the beat. They are welcoming us into their family, and we are looking forward to adding to their great energy. They have a fantastic set up with multiple rooms. Check our schedule for updated training times!

A couple of videos from Mr. Moore’s Yi Dan (2nd Dan) rank exam in Houston.


We are interested in accepting new students at this time. If you would like to make Chayon-Ryu a valuable resource for your life, please contact us.  Mr. Moore is also available to provide free women's self-defense seminars to any group of 10 or more individuals.  If you run a business or are a member of a church or organization and you would like information on this special class please call.  You can reach Mr. Moore or obtain information about Chayon-Ryu at: or by phone (661) 342-9758.

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