26th Rank Exam - 6/15
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A few photos from our 26th promotion test.

GMKS Visit - 2014
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Chongjae-nim paid our dojang a visit in the spring of 2014. It was his second trip to Bakersfield and we all had a great time training and getting to know him a little more.

16th Rank Exam - 5/13
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11th Rank Exam - 2/12
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GMKS Visit - 2011
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Grand Master Kim Soo visited our dojang at the beginning of April to instruct at our Women's Self Defense Seminar and provide an opportunity to work with Mr. Moore's students.

Mr. Moore's Sam Dan Rank Exam
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December 2010 - We took a trip to Houston in order for myself and Tustin to test for our next ranks.

7th Rank Exam - 7/10
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2010 Visit GM Kim in Korea
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June 2010, our family took a short trip to visit Grand Master Kim Soo in Busan, Korea. He showed us around the city and gave some much appreciated direct instruction.

Private Exam - 2/10
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6th Rank Exam - 1/10
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5th Rank Exam - 10/09
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4th Rank Exam - 9/09
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3rd Rank Exam - 5/09
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April 09 Outdoor Training
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2nd Rank Exam 12/08
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Mr. Moore's Yi Dan Rank Exam
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Bong Class 5-08
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