Michael Moore - Sabeomnim (Chief Instructor)

 A fourth degree black belt, Sabeomnim Michael Moore began training under Grandmaster Kim Soo in 1983.  He has instructed along side Grandmaster Kim Soo and Master Sean Kim at the headquarters school as well as the University of Houston.  His many years of martial arts training have included a year in Japan studying Shohokai Aikido.  He holds a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Houston, and he relocated to Bakersfield in 1995 where he started his own pharmacist staffing agency - GrayMatter Pharmacy Services.  Mr. Moore travels to the headquarters school in Houston regularly to attend instructor clinics and advanced course study in order to maintain the highest quality of instruction to his students.
Bakersfield represents Chayon-Ryu's first school in California and we are enjoying our 8th year here! Mr. Moore is very excited about bringing the teachings and philosophy of Grandmaster Kim Soo to students in California. "The beautiful thing about Chayon-Ryu is that it is based on natural body movements. Anyone can do it."

Samuel Bizimungu - Kyosanim (Assistant Instructor)

Kyosanim (first degree black belt) Samuel Bizimungu began his Chayon-Ryu training in 2011. Hailing originally from Rwanda, Mr. Bizimungu started taking Shotokan karate lessons in junior high. He resides here in Bakersfield now with his beautiful family. Promoted in June - 2014.

Tustin Moore - Kyosanim (Assistant Instructor)

Kyosanim (first degree black belt) Tustin Moore is Mr. Moore's son and Bakersfield's first Chayon-Ryu student. Tustin began receiving instruction from his father when he was just 7 years old and was also promoted to first dan in June - 2014.




Theo Arbolante - Kyosanim (Assistant Instructor)

Kyosanim (first degree black belt) Theo joined Bakersfield Chayon-Ryu in March 2012 and trained at vitually every class offered. He recently graduated and is attending college at the University of Irvine. Promoted in January - 2016.

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