What is Chayon-Ryu

Chayon-Ryu means Natural Way martial art.  The fundamental basis of Chayon-Ryu is that all the movements are natural in their motion.  Often in other styles of martial arts you will see people punching, kicking or twisting their bodies unnaturally in an effort to perform a technique.  Over time, this unnatural motion strains the body to the point where many martial artists must stop training due to injury.  Grandmaster Kim Soo developed Chayon-Ryu with this in mind.  Because of his studies, he has developed his system of teaching to promote power, safety, fitness and health.  It is an art that can be easily practiced by young and old alike. 

Chayon-Ryu is a martial art developed by Grandmaster Kim Soo over many years.  It incorporates the natural movements of its parent martial arts including Japanese Karate and Judo/Jujitsu, Korean Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, as well as Chinese Chuan Fa (Kung Fu).  Due to the complexity and depth of the material taught in Chayon-Ryu, most individuals will need many years of study to achieve higher ranks within this system.


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