Philosophy of Chayon-Ryu

Chayon-Ryu means “natural way”.  Grandmaster Kim Soo has developed Chayon-Ryu to focus on and enhance the natural movements from its parent martial arts.  Because Chayon-Ryu is focused on basic principles such as breathing and rhythm, students of all ages are able to use their natural, human abilities to perform powerful techniques.  These techniques are taught to students in a way as to develop, not only their physical skills, but also their minds and spirits.  Chayon-Ryu is sometimes referred to as a “lifestyle martial art”.  Many students have incorporated Chayon-Ryu into other aspects of their lives from improving their golf games to their marriage.  How it will help you can only be known in time.

Instruction of students happens in a safe environment.  Students work with one another under the tenants of respect, humility, patience, persistence and the careful guidance of the instructor to develop self confidence.  This confidence will help prepare students to deal with, not only physical attackers, but internal struggles such as worry, insecurity, jealousy, impatience and depression.


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